Monday, May 23, 2011

Blanco Sinks

Care for Blanco Granite Sinks

One of the busiest parts of the kitchen is the kitchen sink. Blanco granite sink is granite part, these materials are generally resistant to scratching and staining, is also a composite material sinks. sink still looks good and attractive but still an important part of cooking, cleaning and sanitation in your home there are steps we can do.

Use Blancoclean to clean normal stains, a product specifically for silgranit blanco sink, or cleaning products cleaner. gently rub the affected area later in the rinse stains, the last lap to dry.

To remove tough stains on granite sink Blanco, use bleach mixed with water with a ratio of 60 percent and 40 percent. let stand about an hour. Drain the sink and scrub the sink to clean.

Restore shine blancoclean sink with it flat across the surface of the sink.
By applying Lime Away to remove calcium stains to the bottom of the sink and rub gently in the area.
The final step rinse and dry the sink using a soft cloth, it can prevent the formation of soap film of water points that exist.
So step so that Blanco Granite Sinks still look clean in your kitchen.

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